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          Sponge zirconium and its application

          Date:2022-03-30 09:46:42       Number of views:

          Metallic zirconium, also known as sponge zirconium, is a silver gray metal, which looks like steel and has luster; Melting point 1852. Boiling point 4377, density 6.49. Zirconium absorbs hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen easily; Zirconium has a strong affinity for oxygen. Oxygen dissolved in zirconium at 1000 ℃ can significantly increase its volume. Zirconium is relatively stable in air; Powdered zirconium is easy to burn. Fine zirconium wires can be ignited with matches and can be directly combined with dissolved oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen at high temperature.

          Zirconium is relatively soft and is mainly used to make bulletproof alloy steel. It can also be used as coating alloy for uranium fuel in reactor; Zirconium is easy to emit electrons at high temperature, and a small amount of zirconium is also used for surgical tools and other industrial purposes.

          At present, there are two main fields of application of sponge zirconium in China, one is zirconium for atomic energy, the other is zirconium for industrial use.

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